Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Technologically Challenged, but Still the KnittingGuru

I seem to have been having lots of problems with this blog today. However, I'm very happy with my knitting. Thank goodness, that always works out for me.

My latest items are Scarflettes that I am knitting for the warm weather. I will be making them into Mini-Kits for knitters to take on vacation this summer. They are just a little something to take to the beach or playground, or to knit on the train. Can you take them on a plane with you now? How about if you use plastic or bamboo needles? Anyway, these little scarves should best be knit on tiny needles meant for kids. The work goes faster that way.

The Scarflettes I have knit are samples for the kits I am making, so I am selling them for only $10 each. They are 100% soft cotton yarn plus beads on the hot pink scarflette. You can contact me directly at if you are interested, or I have some posted on under my shop name - you guessed it - knittingguru.

Here are some preliminary photos:

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