Saturday, September 23, 2006

3 Year Old Steals Hat

I've been doing a lot of custom work lately. Here's a photo of a hat I made for a customer to photograph babies in. Only thing is, her 3 year old son grabbed it and was photographed by Mom in the act.

She's worried he may have stretched it, but I assured her that Merino wool can always be steamed back into shape. Love that stuff, don't you?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The KnittingGuru Crochets Again

I've been working away on some crocheted jewelry projects I was asked to submit to an upcoming book published by Lark Books. This has been a really interesting experience as I tried to vary my style and materials as much as possible, and also to submit as many ideas as I could come up with. My deadline is Friday and I'll post some photos after that. Stay tuned in!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hippo chic?

I just saw an obscene (meaning look away from it) design on Lucia's site -- the Knitting Fiend. It was from Bambini Kuki, so I went to look at that website.

Here's what I found. This particular design is actually called Hippo chic. Appropriate, no?

Can you believe this? Fancy knitting, all right, but DO YOU WANT TO LOOK LIKE A HIPPO? Not me. Let's use our knitting skills in the name of good design. Remember the Bauhaus saying - form follows function. In terms of clothing, that should mean what you're wearing makes you look good and feels great to wear. This outfit does neither. I've been seeing more and more of such technological wonders that are true design failures.

Just my opinion, folks....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Montreal Again?

Just returned from ANOTHER trip to Montreal. Of course I also bought two more huge bags of yarn from La Bobineuse de Laine. They actually wind up the yarns you want there so that you end up with a totally original plied yarn. I bought cottons galore again and avoided their acrylic which is a fiber I just hate. It feels like plastic or the petroleum it's made from. I wish they had wools in stock.

I have no photos today because I'm too busy finishing up the crocheted jewelry that Lark Books requested. That was another great benefit of selling on Etsy. And no, I still haven't heard back from Teen Magazine, but neither have they returned my knitwear, so I'm still hoping.

By the way, on this Montreal trip it took THREE HOURS waiting at customs while they opened and searched EVERYONE'S car trunk. I do like being safe, but boy, what a drag! Previously it never even felt like going to another country when visiting Canada. I wonder what the customs agent thought about the giant bags of yarn?