Wednesday, April 15, 2009

3 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 -- Babies!

I'm still giddy from the change of temperature and season. I posted some spring things and then a mother's day inspiration and now, as promised, here are some babies. I have so many wonderful pictures that baby photographers have sent me I don't know which to choose, but the triplets and twins head the list.

I'll start with a photo sent to me by one of the most talented baby photographers -- Gina Miller of Gina Miller Photography in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her website is and her blog is . I hope you'll get a chance to look at both because they really are an inspiration.

She wrote to me and asked me to make three of my signature BurryBabies Pixie Hats for triplets she was going to be photographing right after they were born -- two girls and a boy. This turned out to be quite a challenge for her since when they weren't wiggling they were howling! How anyone could photograph triplets is beyond me, but not as beyond me as how anyone could care for triplets! Gina's great talent is in capturing the personality of her subjects, even if they're only 1 day old.

At any rate, she took some adorable photos of the triplets. Here are two of them:


Hope that little boy doesn't spend a lifetime being ganged up on by his sisters!


Next is a photo of darling boy-girl twins that was photographed by Jennifer Mott another great photographer and a sweet person. You can see her work at She's located in Toledo, Ohio.


Aren't they adorable?


Now I have to choose from the many pictures of babies taken just one at a time by an assortment of brilliant photographers. How will I choose? For the sake of brevity, I'm just going to add three more babies here, but if you want to know about other baby photographers who might be in your area, please don't hesitate to contact me.

First off, here's a darling photo of a just born baby girl taken by Jackie Pettit of Jackie Pettit Photography in Morgan, Utah. Her website is and when you go there, you'll see a photo of a beautiful older baby wearing one of my multicolored hats. You can really see from her photos what an encouraging and friendly person she is.


Is that not the prettiest newborn girl ever? Well, maybe your daughter was even prettier -- mine was -- but I don't have a photo that cute of her. Jackie's pictures are really lovely, so please take a look at her website.


Next up is a photo taken by the talented Elizabeth Smith of EBS Photography in Atlanta, Georgia. Her website is . The opening page on her website features another sweet picture of a baby in this green hat.


Everyone who sees that baby just loves him. He looks so cozy and sweet all curled up.


Finally, I'm going to stop with a photograph of a new baby boy taken by the delightful, talented, and friendly Barbara Frevert. To find her, just google Barbara Frevert Photography. She's located in Wayne, Nebraska.


Do you love that little starfish hand as much as I do?


So that's it folks! All babies all the time today!

In my next post I hope to be writing about my jewelery design process and offer some useful tips. I hope you'll stop by.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mothers and Babies

I've been thinking about Mother's Day lately. (My three children -- Are you reading this??? :-)

Actually, I've been making a lot of things for mothers in the spirit of springtime. My next post will be about babies, so I'm definitely on a roll here -- First spring flowers (more to come), then mothers, then babies (wait till you see the triplets). Lot's of fertility in this blog (*_*)

I have my usual shawls, capelets, and cowls, but decided to design some new knitted and crocheted jewelry for the holiday.

Thinking about mothers reminded me of the time and effort we spend on our children. The returns are, of course, intangible and altruistic. So I thought maybe something literal would be appropriate. Hence --

A Medal for Mom...

I'd like to share my design process here in case you're curious and since this blog is a "trip inside the mind of a knitwear designer". I first crocheted a triangular motif in lace using 6-strand embroidery floss and a tiny crochet hook. Then I added a heading at the top and embroidered "MOM". After that came the cameo button, then the ribbons and antique lace, and finally a safety catch pin back -- and voila! -- a One of a Kind Gift for a One of a Kind Mom. I hope you like it!

You'll see many Mother's Day Gifts at my Etsy shop where you can sign on for my RSS and see updates as I add new items.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Signs of Spring

The daffodils and forsythia shrubs are blooming in my garden. This time of year I always find myself thinking about my garden and making scarves and necklaces to reflect it.

Springtime Daffodil Choker

You can get more information about it at

Forsythia Yellow Lace Hand Knitted Scarf

You can find more information about the scarf and purchase it at

If you want to knit this scarf yourself, I also produced a pdf pattern --

Delicate Lace Scarf PDF Knitting Pattern

There's more information about the pattern and how to purchase it at

Of course, you can make the scarf in any color you like, but I was inspired by my forsythia shrubs. I've also knitted the scarf in a creamy white and in a lovely coral color. Please contact me or post a comment on this blog if you want to see photos of them or get more information.

Meantime, watch for other signs of spring from KnittingGuru -- hint -- tulips and hyacinths are starting to bloom.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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