Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Post from the Negligent Blogger

I really have no excuse. I could paraphrase Wordsworth -- Buying and Selling we lay waste our powers -- but that would be a cop out. The fact is that my selling venues have so expanded that I'm having trouble juggling so many balls at once. I now sell at:
as well as at my two websites --

If that weren't enough, I also can be found on:
and at Ravelry too where I sell my patterns

So how can I find time to blog? I love to write and do so every day. I get requests for interviews from other bloggers and I'm always happy to oblige. Right now I'm writing a book review for the Valley Fiber Arts Blog. Plus - I knit and crochet every day. Plus - I just got back from a long vacation to Paris!!!

Let me tell you about something else I got involved in that has me over my head busy and always feeling I need to play catch up. I joined the Ring a Day 2010 Project in which artists commit to making a ring every day. Well, some days I've made a few rings, but many days I made none so I'm really delinquent. Who makes a ring a day when they're on vacation, or when they have to mail things to customers, or when they're working on new things for Autumn?

At any rate, here's just a sampling of some of my many rings. Some are sold, some are listed on Etsy and some on Artfire. Many are just sitting in my nice ring box waiting for me to decide what to do with them. If you see any that interest you please write to me. If they're not available, I can closely reproduce them for you. Here goes.....

Exotic Hyperbolic Crochet Ring

Fish in a Net Ring

Golden Sunburst Ring

Ruffled Rosy Rose Ring

Turquoise Starfish Ring

Autumn Leaf Ring

Hollyhock Ring

Mother Earth Ring

Irrational Exuberance Ring

Eat Your Spinach Ring

Turquoise Beaded Flower Ring

Snowball Ring

French Marigold Ring

OK!OK! I'll stop! But really there are many dozen more! Ask and I'll show you.

Meantime, I promise not to let so much time pass without writing here. I WILL put down my needles and hooks and pick up my pen (so to speak).