Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Bride Wore KnittingGuru

Last April my hand knitted and crocheted Victorian Lace Bolero sold to a couple who were planning an outdoor wedding and wanted something for the bride to wear during the evening when the weather turned chilly. Here's the bolero they purchased --

Yesterday the groom, Boone, sent me a photo of the bride, Rebecca, wearing her bolero! The photo was taken at night, in a tent, and the lighting was dim, but you can see how beautiful she looked and what a good time everyone was having! 
I focused in on the bride so that you could see her outfit better. Isn't she gorgeous? The bolero looks like it was made to order for her.

I no longer have and can no longer get that exact yarn, but I do have the same bolero in a beautiful green and could custom make it in other colors too.

The first bolero in violet/lavender that I made I loved so much that I actually kept it, so Rebecca's is the second one. The green bolero was made after that. The one I kept is my favorite thing to wear to concerts, the opera, and other festive occasions. It's very warm, looks better than a cardigan or jacket, and is perfect with a black dress or turtleneck and pants. More than once I've had people come up and ask me about it, and this is in New York City where elegant clothing at the opera is expected!

I wish Rebecca and Boone many years of happiness. This was one email communication that really warmed my heart and reminded me of why I love what I do.