Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

In one more week it will be St. Patrick's Day. I have a soft spot for that holiday because my father was born and lived the first 12 years of his life in Dublin, Ireland. He came from a large family of 8 brothers and sisters and they all were born in different countries as they worked their way to the America, but he grew up in Dublin. He's no longer living, but this post is fondly dedicated to him and the slight Irish lilt in his speech that he never lost.

Could this be why one of my favorite colors is green? You'll always find green things in my online shops. Here I've featured some things from my Etsy shop.

First, a selection of green scarves, shawls and sweaters.

Starting with the sweater on the upper right and going clockwise these are:  Knit and Crochet Bolero Sweater, George Bernard Shaw Men's Scarf, Organic Cotton Crochet Cowl, Irish Moss Scarf, Emerald and Teal Lace Shawl, Olive Mohair Knit Shawl, Seaweed Crochet Scarf, Walk in the Woods Wrap.

Next I'd like to share a selection of green crochet fiber art jewelry that's available at my Etsy shop:

Starting with the lariat at the upper right and going clockwise these are: Leafy Vine Lariat, Irish Shamrock Necklace, Beaded Crochet Sea Flower Ring, Leafy Vine Lariat (worn as hair jewelry), Under Sea Flora Lariat, Emerald Green St. Patrick's Day Necklace.

Finally, there's still plenty of time to knit and crochet one of these gifts for St. Patrick's Day:

Starting at the top these patterns are: Garter Rib Knit Cowl / Capelet Pattern, Leprechaun Baby Cocoon Set Pattern, Go Green Dishcloths Pattern. You will be able to finish any one of these designs in anywhere from two hours to an evening or two.

If you have any questions about anything in this post, please contact me here or at and I'll be glad to speak with you. 

To celebrate the holiday, use coupon code STPADDYSDAY10 at Etsy checkout through March 31, 2015 and get 10% off any or the items shown in this posting! (Please note that except for the patterns, each item is one-of-a-kind only so there's only one available.)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!