Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Knitting Pattern

Those of you who know me know that I'm very active online. I can be found at the following places in addition to here at my blog:

So why am I so derelict in writing in my blog???

Today, I finally finished a new knitting pattern PDF and I thought I'd motivate my inner blogger by posting the pattern here. It's one of the many patterns for which I have photos and instructions written out, but which I haven't made into PDFs yet. My many friends at Facebook keep asking me to get this done, so it's their motivational messages that have gotten me to do this one and to blog about it -- a mere 1 year since my last blog entry!!!

The pattern is great for beginners since it's really just garter stitch, but with a delightful and lacy difference. This led me to name the pattern Heavenly Garter Lace Scarf. I haven't posted it on Etsy yet, but if you "like" me at Facebook -- -- I'm having an introductory sale on the pattern this week. It will be $6.95, but I'm offering it on Facebook for $5. The pattern includes a tutorial on blocking lace and suggestions for ways to vary the stitch to make other scarves or even shawls. I hope you like it!