Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Widgit, widgit, widgit

Widgit widgit widgit sounds like a frog, but often acts intelligently. For example, I just added a widget that shows things in my Etsy shop. You can click on (more info) and be directed to the listing, or click on (buy) if you aee something you love and get to a sale page. This widgit is in the right hand sidebar.

I don't like most things that move on blogs or websites, but this is a nifty little gadget. I hope it adds to my blog experience for you!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I'm a high volume user of Facebook --
and frequently use Twitter --

But -- I've been really bad about writing in my blog. I keep making promises to myself to do better, but never seem to find the time.

However, as a user and lover of natural fibers, I have to wish you all a Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate I'm having a one day sale today on my

Eco Friendly Go Green Dishcloth Pattern
Regularly $8.00
Today $5.00
Please contact me and I'll post a reserved listing for you at the sale price.

These dishcloths last for years, are simple to make, and help the earth by saving paper towel waste. You only need 6 ounces of inexpensive cotton yarn to make all 6 dishcloths. They're simple enough for a beginning knitter. The pattern is 8 pages and includes close up photos of each cloth, charts, and instructions written in English - not "Knitspeak"! Plus - if you have any questions about the pattern or the knitting, you'll have email access to the designer (me)!

You'll find the pattern at