Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I'm a high volume user of Facebook --
and frequently use Twitter --

But -- I've been really bad about writing in my blog. I keep making promises to myself to do better, but never seem to find the time.

However, as a user and lover of natural fibers, I have to wish you all a Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate I'm having a one day sale today on my

Eco Friendly Go Green Dishcloth Pattern
Regularly $8.00
Today $5.00
Please contact me and I'll post a reserved listing for you at the sale price.

These dishcloths last for years, are simple to make, and help the earth by saving paper towel waste. You only need 6 ounces of inexpensive cotton yarn to make all 6 dishcloths. They're simple enough for a beginning knitter. The pattern is 8 pages and includes close up photos of each cloth, charts, and instructions written in English - not "Knitspeak"! Plus - if you have any questions about the pattern or the knitting, you'll have email access to the designer (me)!

You'll find the pattern at

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