Monday, June 15, 2009

Tools of the Trade

I just had to show you a knitting gadget I bought from a fellow Etsian -- Karatstix.

It's a wooden knitting swatch gauge that measures 2 inches by 2 inches. It also measures knitting needle AND crochet hook sizes from tiny to gigantic. There's a ruler along one side in inches and another in centimeters. The tool is too big to lose, but not too big or too heavy for your knitting bag or handbag. It has a safety hook at one corner so you can attach it to whatever you want. Plus, it's the most charming piece of knitting paraphernalia I've ever bought (and I've bought many in my lifetime!) See the little sheep grazing on it?

Here's the front of it:

And here's the back showing clearly the range of needle/hook sizes:

When I went to Karatstix's shop just now to get the pictures of the gauge, I found that she has invented another wonderful gadget - a Kitchener Stitch keyring with hand knitted sock images on the front:

and the elusive Kitchener Stitch described clearly on the back:

Those of you who knit socks know how easy it is to forget how to Kitchener Stitch together the toe of the sock. This little tool makes it foolproof. Kitchener Stitch is useful for all knitters because it makes an invisible join.

All of these knitting gadgets are made in lightweight wood and are smoothly finished as well as being delightful to look at.

Kudos to Karatstix. Go to her shop. Now! -- You'll be glad you did.