Monday, July 10, 2006

Wonderful Week of Wandering in Montreal

Just back from a fantastic week in Montreal and wanted to tell you all about a great yarn shop I found there. The name of the store is Magasin de Fibre L.B. Inc.
or AKA La Bobineuse de Laine.

The store is at 2279 Mont-Royal Est and it has tons of industrial yarns on cones. The ones I picked up are worsted weight all cotton yarns in luscious color combinations of about 6 or 7 fine yarns mixed together. I have tried to upload the photo, but keep coming up with disc error, whatever that means. I will try again later, because I know you want to see this yarn - it's just great.

Did I mention that the price was CHEAP?

If you live in or near Montreal or are going there for a vacation (which I recommend) don't miss this store.

Did I mention that the Jazz Festival was going on and I spent DAYS listening to FREE JAZZ?

Sorry for all the capital letters, but I am very enthusiastic about this trip.

Now I must run and wash a weeks worth of clothing and put away all my yarn and other goodies. Be back soon....

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