Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What's the KnittingGuru Up To Now?

I'm always looking for small things I can make to introduce people to my knit and crocheted items. First of all, not everyone can afford handknits because they are very time intensive and therefore not cheap, especially if fine quality yarns are used (as I always do) rather than Walmart acrylics. Secondly, I want customers to be able to see first hand the quality of my work and finishing techniques.

So..... Here's my latest little pretty - Crocheted Flower Baby Barettes.

The flowers are 1 1/4" in diameter.

You can see in the photo that I sew the flowers securely to the clip without the use of glue, so that the barettes can be handwashed.

They come in pairs on my Burry Babies cards. I package them in plastic zip-lock jewelry bags to keep them clean and neat. They're only $6 a pair + $1 s&h, so people can sample them for a very modest investment. They make a teriffic gift, too, and I always provide free gift-wrapping when asked.

These are available by writing directly to me through a comment on this blog or by going to The photos show the pink and red ones, but I can make these to order in almost any color you can think of, so please do write to me.

They sold within minutes of my posting them, so I guess people can tell just how cute they look on babies!

Not a baby but you really like these? They look great on BIG GIRLS too and I can make them in sophisticated colors if you wish.

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