Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Photos of Montreal Yarn

Here's some of the yarn I bought in Montreal while on vacation last week. I got much more than this at the wonderful prices this shop offers, but these two are probably my favorites. Of course, there's also the white and cream yarn with variegated metallic and a gorgeous pumpkin boucle, but you get the idea.

See yesterday's entry for the address of the wonderful shop in Montreal. They don't have a website, but might respond to letters asking for samples. I can't guarantee this, however.

Montreal was such an inspiration. Not only are the shops filled with beautiful and unusual clothing, but the huge outdoor fruit and vegetable markets were a color and texture sensation! These markets made the large farmer's market at Union Square in NYC look toy-sized. I WISH I could shop every day at the Atwater or Jean Toulon markets.

Now I have to continue unpacking, doing washes, and eventually updating My readers must be wondering what happened -- No Knitting Tip of the Week for more than a week. What a naughty KnittingGuru!!!

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