Monday, November 08, 2010

More Autumn - My Favorite Season

Here in the Northeast November always means that Autumn in almost over. We have Thanksgiving -- the quintessential Autumn holiday to look forward to -- but soon the gorgeous leaves will be gone and we'll have to face the long winter. Turning the clocks back this weekend emphasized that. It's only 4pm and it's already starting to get dark.

So... here are some more Autumnal things that can be worn even when winter comes to liven up the cold weather. I may sound a little nostalgic and sad, but that's just because I always long for Autumn. In fact though, as a knitter, I also look forward to cold weather so I can wear my woolens and offer them for sale in my online shops. This is also a good time to inform or remind everyone that fine quality woolens are Never Itchy. It's cheap wools that are itchy. I spend a lot of time on this subject because I deplore the use of acrylics and other synthetics that are made from petroleum! We don't need to use petroleum to make yarn that isn't even warm, pills excessively, and contributes to destroying the planet. Try wool. You'll like it!

Merino Curlicue Cowl in Shades of Red

Woodland Forest Foliage Wrap with Flower Brooch

Poison Mushroom Crocheted Wrap

Marigold Shrug in Hand Painted Wool

Falling Leaves Lariat

I have more Autumn pieces to show, but since it's almost dark out, I'd better end here and go start some warming Autumn dinner. Another nice thing about Autumn is cooking and savoring the delicious bean stews I love to make.

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