Friday, April 27, 2012

Pink Tulips Inspire a New Cuff

As promised, I have my Pink Tulip Baroque Crocheted Cuff Bracelet to show now.

This is how the tulips looked in the garden last week. When I cut some and put them in a vase, they opened out to over 7 inches in diameter. That gave me a chance to analyze the coloration more which led to the cuff itself. 

 The crochet of these cuffs is so detailed that I didn't want to have any visible closure. Instead I used a tiny snap to securely hold the bracelet together. Here's what the fastener side of the cuff looks like. This smooth closure is very comfortable to wear and easy to fasten too.

 I've been experimenting with Photoshop to join the cuffs and their floral inspiration. The next photo is an example of my playing around with Photoshop.

 Many of my friends on Facebook have expressed an interest in my making a pattern/tutorial for these cuffs.

 In the meantime, and for those who don't crochet themselves, the cuff is available in my Etsy shop here.

I'd be happy to hear about other color combinations that inspire you that you'd like to see reflected in these cuffs!


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KnittingGuru said...

Thanks very much Tea Thyme and Cosies. I'm working on a tutorial/pattern for these cuff bracelets and will post the announcement here as soon as they're finished along with a discussion of the design process.

KnittingGuru said...

Someone recently purchased the original of this bracelet and she's so happy with it. She has small wrists and the snap fasteners were just right. These bracelets are so easily adjustable by moving the snaps a bit. The flat snaps also make for a smooth and comfortable closure.