Monday, February 09, 2009

Your Still Delinquent KnittingGuru

As you can see, I've continued to be an absentee in my own blog. However, I have joined Twitter - - where the minuscule number of words seems within daily reach for me. I hope you'll follow me there.

Readers: I promise to do better and I'll start by showing you some of my new knitting and crochet. I've been in a Romantic Victorian Period. My shawls, capelets, and cowls have a definite retro look going back more than a century. I look backward for inspiration, but my yarns decidedly update the look.

The three garments shown here are all examples of my knit and crochet combination technique. I love to knit the main part of a garment and finish with crochet. The crochet always seems to add a more sculptural quality. All of these are made with the softest possible wool yarns, some with alpaca blended in.

Romantic Red Shawl

Victorian Ruffles and Lace Bolero

Sugar Sweet Soft Wool Shrug

All work shown is © KnittingGuru, 2009.

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