Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Knits for Men & Boys

Re-reading my last few entries I see that I announced that one of my crocheted neckpieces would be in Lark Books upcoming Crocheted Fiber Jewelry. Actually... it's TWO of my necklaces will be in the book! So Exciting!!

I've been thinking about how hard it is to get handknits for men and boys. You rarely see them on Etsy or anywhere else. I can't imagine why since in my experience (1 husband, 2 sons) men like handknits just as much as women and girls (1 daughter).

Here are some of my handknits for Men and Boys. You'll notice that some of these "knits" are really crocheted. I've been doing more and more crochet lately. Let me know what you think about my menswear. Also, they can all be purchased at Etsy - either at or at If you write to me directly through the comments, I would be happy to knit or crochet something special for the Man or Boy in Your Life.

Really Big Men's Scarf

Gray Tweed Handspun Men's Scarf

Denim Blue Boy's Hat in Merino and Microfiber (So Soft)

Winter White and Blue Crocheted Convertible Baby Hat
(also available with pink trim for girls)

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