Wednesday, June 14, 2006


This week on KnittingGuru I have a visual tutorial
on making Bigger Better Bobbles. There are 13 photos
showing details, so please be patient as this useful
tutorial downloads. See it at:

Also New at KnittingGuru:

A Cool Blue Waffle Textured Long Cotton Scarf
with Vintage Button Decorations $25.


A New Knitting at the Beach Kit --
A Deep Pink (Magenta) Textured Knit Bag
with a 1950s Vintage Button.
The kit includes an instruction card, yarn, &
the button, and is packed in a lovely gold gauze
drawstring bag. $10.95

You can see the scarf and bag at:


Not only am I knitting like a fiend and designing kits, etc. but also I am having major renovations done at home. This is taking physical energy, but most of all psychic energy. Oh, the mess, the phone calls, the forgotten tasks, THE MONEY ITS COSTING.....

Anyone out there who has gone through major renovations, tell me how you manage to keep the rest of your life going. I'd really like to read your comments.

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